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Schug Carneros Estate Flour Sack Towel
Schug Carneros estate Flour Sack Towel on stove

Schug Carneros Estate Flour Sack Towel

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Flour sack kitchen towels are eco-friendly, with a natural, soft feel and look. This is my first product to feature label art from the beautiful state of Oregon.

Flour sack material is extremely durable, super absorbent and lint-free. It is also iron-free and can be used for many purposes such as cleaning up spills or dusting around the house.

Each towel is 16" x 24.

About the Winery

Founded in 1980, Schug Carneros Estate Winery is the showcase and life-long dream of one of California’s most celebrated winemakers, Walter Schug. Family owned and operated, the winery is a reflection of many decades of Schug family involvement in the production of fine wines in Europe and California; both Walter and his wife, Gertrud, came from distinguished winemaking families of Germany.

Learn more about Schug Winery.