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What Is Terroir

terroir by the seaThroughout the years wine, coffee and tea makers have used the word and infused it with the nuances and qualities of the art of their craft. Hence, Terroir has come to mean not only land, but it refers to the soil-type, climate, topography, as well as the cultural aspects and human touch of the cultivation of the soil, plants and the nurturing process.

We embrace the evolution of the word Terroir and we appreciate the subtle nuances and intricacies of its meaning. For us, Terroir, and specifically Terroir by the Sea, means the blending of two complementary cultures: French and Californian. Influenced by the beauty of the California coast, mixing salty ocean air with the fragrance of eucalyptus and the French words we use to describe this beauty, is what Terroir means to us personally.

Customers' Thoughts about Terroir:

Terroir: it is simply the healthy reminder of authenticity; it awakes all senses: the view of a field, the fragrance of lavender, the taste of grape, the touch of the soil between your fingers, the song of a bird. It is the link from the past to the present. Terroir by the Sea is the blend of the Pacific Ocean’s breeze mixed to the “earth” of France.
—Carine C.

Cool breezes, warm sunshine and an energy to enjoy the outdoors and natural beauty.
—Karen H.

Terroir De la terre surgit l’homme et ses reves. Envol lent, goutte apres goutte. Terroir est l’epreuve de patience pour produire du bon. Fecond est le courage des hommes. Terroir, petite terre bien a soi, delimitee, creee par la nature pour les hommes.
—Lionel B.

Le soleil caresse la vigne Eclot la grappe d’amour Dont le nom se grave sur le noble coton Miracle des epousailles du ciel et de la terre Thank you terroir by the sea.
—Claude Gerard